Wednesday, 14 June 2017

RAK Group Card Swap - June 2017

Hey Crafters,

Cards these days seem to becoming a thing of the past. But not anymore!

Do you like to create, send & receive cards?!? Then the Random Act of Kindness Card Group is for you! You simply select whomever you would like to send a card to anywhere in the world from the list of participants, and you may very well receive some back! Too easy, right?  

This month I participated in the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Card Swap using new catalogue products and gosh I blown away by the stunning cards I received back today (and no, there was no memo that they all must be pink lol Fortunately I LOVE pink)

The RAK card swap attracted so many participants that there were several groups established.  I had the pleasure of having the following people in my Card Swap Group (in no particular order):

-  Louise Sharp
-  Lou Kitzelman
-  Nicole Wilson
-  Karen Farquhar
-  Amanda Shields
-  Jessie Holton
-  Kayla Renee
-  Vicki Allanson
-  Nikki Miers

If you would like to participate in the Random Act of Kindness Group you can CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for my next blog post coming tomorrow evening, till then...

Lorin xx

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